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Earl Carroll Theatre

On Monday Oct 17th, the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation joined Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell and our preservation coalition partners: Hollywood Heritage, the LA Conservancy and the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles to celebrate the "ground-breaking" of a new apartment complex by Essex Properties. Our coalition spent two years working directly with the development team to find ways to preserve and protect the Earl Carroll Theatre. This is a preservation success story. CLICK THE PHOTO to continue reading. Lobby photo by Wendell Benedetti

Hollywood Warner Theatre

There has been a lot of recent attention circling the Hollywood Warner Theatre (Hollywood Pacific), so we would like to take a few minutes to report the current status. After a year of many productive meetings, Robertson Properties agreed to fund a neutral third-party feasibility study, with the reactivation of the theatre as the priority. This agreement was a big step forward from the owner’s starting point, that the theatre had to be demolished. CLICK THE PHOTO to continue reading. Lobby photo by Wendell Benedetti

Westlake Theatre

The Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles is still actively pursuing a sale of the Westlake Theatre with the current round of bids having been due August 10, 2017. Realtors held an Open House at the theatre on June 23 for interested buyers and invited LAHTF’s Board of Directors to attend. CLICK THE PHOTO to continue reading about the walkthrough and to see updates on the state of the sale. Photo by Wendell Benedetti

Fox Inglewood Theatre

When opened in 1949 The Fox Inglewood Theatre, at 1,166 seats, was one of the largest theatres build in South L.A. The theatre entertained a number of generations of City residents before welcoming its last movie patron in 1984. Since then, the fate of the Fox Inglewood has been uncertain. CLICK THE PHOTO to read our full position statement.

Rialto Theatre, South Pasadena

The Rialto Theatre in South Pasadena has a new tenant. Mosaic Church has signed a lease for the Rialto, and intends to bring the theatre back to life, both for church services and events, and eventually non-church entertainment open to the general public. Friends of the Rialto is working closely with the Church to promote a proper restoration. CLICK THE PHOTO for more information. Photo by Hunter Kerhart

Million Dollar Theatre

The Million Dollar Theatre has been leased to a new organization. It is unclear at this point what their specific plans are for the Theatre. LAHTF is working to develop a relationship with this new tenant, and hope to help them to activate the Theatre space for public events. The Million Dollar Theatre was the first Movie Palace on Broadway, built by Sid Grauman and opened in 1918. CLICK THE PHOTO for more information and updates. Photo by Wendell Benedetti

Tower Theatre

There is a rumor being spread about a deal with a new tenant for the Tower Theatre. We have checked our sources and they are not able to confirm this. LAHTF has decided NOT to help spread the rumor until someone official makes a public statement. If it turns out to be true, LAHTF will do our best to work directly with owners, tenants, and government officials to fulfill our mission statement: to make sure this and any historic theatre is Preserved, Protected, Restored and Sustained. CLICK THE PHOTO for more background.

Olympic Theatre

The Olympic Theatre, originally opened in 1927 as the Bard’s 8th St Theatre, and has for the last many years been used as a furniture store. It closed a few years ago, and was recently leased to COS, a high end clothing store under the H&M brand. When the announcement was made, LAHTF attempted multiple times to contact the brand to offer our consulting services. Our hope was to protect and preserve as many of the original theatre details as possible. CLICK THE PHOTO for more information. Photo by Hunter Kerhart

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