Million Dollar Theatre

Million Dollar Theatre – September 2017

The Million Dollar Theatre has been leased to a new organization called CoBird. They have been described as a "fashion start-up" but very little is known about the company. It is unclear at this point what their specific plans are for the Theatre. Our understanding is that they also hold the lease on the large basement under the theatre, and the retail stores along Broadway, including the former optometrists that was originally the Million Dollar Theatre exterior lobby space. LAHTF is working to develop a relationship with this new tenant, and hope to help them to activate the Theatre space for public events.  

The Million Dollar Theatre was the first Movie Palace on Broadway, built in 1917 by Sid Grauman and opened in 1918.  At 2,345 seats, it was the largest theatre on Broadway at the time, and had one of the largest stages west of Chicago. The Building was designed by Albert C. Martin and William Lee Woollett designed the theatre. The Theatre design was inspired by a childrens book called “The King of the Golden River”. The interior features a mix of Egyptian, Roman, Spanish and American Western elements. 

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