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Our Mission

Protect, preserve, restore and sustain the operation of historic theatres through advocacy and activism.


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The Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt membership and volunteer-powered organization.

The Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation is a spirited organization pursuing excellence and innovation in the creation of unique arts and entertainment destinations that bring together commercial and non-profit historic theatre enterprises. LAHTF aims to present a thoughtfully curated variety of quality film and performing arts events, advance arts education, and support communities interested in reviving historic theatres as catalysts for the arts, entertainment, new businesses, and residential living. Successful historic theatre projects build community and strengthen economic development and vitality.

Historic theatres are the bricks and mortar legacies of the visionary showmen who built them. Movie palaces, vaudeville houses, legit stages, all showcase something uniquely American, an architectural daring that mixed many styles into an improbably unified whole – a dream palace. The architecture of fantasy transformed audiences, it created an immersive experience that inspired and entertained, transported them from the cares of the day to a magical land where troubles disappear and dreams come true. Within its walls, each historic theatre spans generations of cultural, social and popular American entertainment. In these auditoriums, from these stages and screens, minds were opened, hearts were touched, romances bloomed and lives were changed. Historic theatres are repositories of memories and meaning. LAHTF protects and preserves the few remaining theatres constructed during the first half of the 20th Century. We are determined to ensure that these extraordinary theatres will endure and entertain for generations to come. Join with us. Your contributions and participation makes the LAHTF possible.

The LAHTF Board of Directors includes historians, preservationists, designers, performers, and community stakeholders. Click the button below to learn more about the individuals who form the current Board of Directors and Leadership of LAHTF.

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