Tower Theatre

Tower Theatre – September 2017

There is a rumor being spread about a deal with a new tenant for the Tower Theatre. We have checked our sources and they are not able to confirm this. LAHTF has decided NOT to help spread the rumor until someone official makes a public statement. If it turns out to be true, LAHTF will do our best to work directly with owners, tenants, and government officials to fulfill our mission statement: to make sure this and any historic theatre is Preserved, Protected, Restored and Sustained.

The Tower Theatre was the first theatre designed by prolific architect S. Charles Lee when he was only 27. The unique challenge was to design a theatre to seat 1000 on a narrow corner lot only 50’ wide. While he was not able to squeeze 1000 seats into the original design, the Tower opened in 1927 with 906 seats and feels both intimate and grand at the same time. The orchestra seating was removed and the floor was terraced for a film set. The terraced platforms remain today, making the Tower a flexible space still used for private events and film shoots. The opulent design features ornate railings and a marble lobby inspired by the Paris Opera House. The lobby also features a large chandelier and stained glass window. 

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