Avalon Theatre

Latest News – March 2020

Following the closure of the Avalon Theatre as a first-run movie house at the start of the year, and prior to the arrival of the novel coronavirus, the Catalina Island Company and the City of Avalon were in negotiations regarding a City-run monthly community movie night.
The impact of the coronavirus on the island community, particularly because of tourism being drastically reduced, has been devastating and we understand that negotiations are currently on hold.
LAHTF will provide updates as things progress. In the meantime, the petition to keep the theatre open is still open should you wish to sign it.

About the Avalon Theatre

The Avalon Theatre opened 29th May 1928 with a screening of the Douglas Fairbanks film "The Iron Mask".

Architect were Sumner M. Spaulding and Walter I. Webber, with interior murals by John Gabriel Beckman.

The theatre is on the ground floor of William Wrigley Jr.'s monumental Casino Building, with the ballroom above it. It's still owned by the Wrigley family and operated by their Santa Catalina Island Company. Construction was managed by David M. Renton, who did many other projects for Mr. Wrigley.


With thanks to losangelestheatres.blogspot.com for theatre history.

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