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Grand Theatre Auditorium June 2019Latest News – August 2020

In the fall of 2019 LATTC/LACCD intimated their intention to demolish the theatre along with another building on campus. LAHTF strongly opposes the demolition.
While the Grand Theater still stands as of mid-2020, repeated requests to LATTC & LACCD for updates on their proposed demolition project have gone unanswered.
LAHTF continues to monitor the situation and will keep trying to reach LATTC & LACCD for updates.


Update – September 2019

In August, the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) determined that reuse of the theatre is infeasible and inconsistent with LACCD's programming and educational goals for the campus, and is proposing that the theatre building be demolished.

LACCD has requested LAHTF's views on the scope and content of the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report they will produce to address the proposed demolition of the theatre building.


Update – 14th June 2019

LAHTF Board Members visited the Grand Theatre at LA Trade Tech to visually assess its condition and photographically document the theatre.

The theatre was partially damaged during seismic upgrade work on the adjoining building and was originally going to be retrofitted itself however work was halted midstream. Now it sits gathering dust.

The future of the Grand is uncertain. It is not currently a part of the future plans for LA Trade Tech, yet they don’t have funds to demolish it; so it sits, waiting. We will continue to monitor the situation and advocate for its preservation, and hopefully re-use.

About the Grand Theatre

The Grand Theatre was originally built in 1927 by architectural firm A.C. Martin as the auditorium for the Los Angeles Polytechnic High School.

The auditorium features a fine stenciled ceiling, with original light fixtures (identical to those at the Fox Fullerton in Orange County) still in situ.

It is unknown if the theatre originally housed a pipe organ however it seems likely. An electronic organ was fitted at a later date and its speaker system is still in place within the organ chambers.  The organ pipes flanking the organ grilles are decorative.

The theatre's original fire curtain survives and appears to depict Arrowhead Peak as seen from the San Bernardino area. It was painted by Simpson Studios in Los Angeles.

Entrance, December 2003

Lobby, December 2003

Auditorium, December 2003

Entrance, June 2019

Lobby, June 2019

Auditorium, June 2019

Auditorium Ceiling, June 2019

Fire Curtain Closeup, June 2019

Backstage, June 2019

2003 photos from the Locations Hub website.  June 2019 photos copyright LAHTF.

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